Unertl Scope 20X

£ 1,200

Unertl Scope 20X

Serial No: 51143

Price £1,200 plus P&P

Unertl scopes were in their day during the 1930’s to 60’s the premier scope in the US noted for their quality and clear optics.

Unertl scopes were chosen by the USMC during WW2 to match with the Springfield M1903A1 as their standard sniper.  Unertl had the contract to supply the USMC with 8X fixed power scopes.  This combination proved formidable and was used with great success in the Pacific and European theatre. This sniper set up continued to be used in Korea and the early stages of Vietnam.

Still today in the US Unertl scopes have a cult following.

This beast of a scope is in excellent condition having been fully refurbished in 2016.  The scope is a 20X prone or bench rest target scope.  It measures 26in in length with a 1in diameter tube.  The Ocular is 1.16in diameter and Objective 2.17in.  The dimensions of this scope seem daunting, but when sitting on top of a rifle in a comfortable shooting position the optics are fantastic, considering the age of this scope.

I have used this scope out to 1,000yds at Bisley on a Springfield M1903A1 and the light into the scope gave a truly fantastic target picture.

This scope needs to be used and mounted onto a vintage rifle.  It will turn heads at any shooting ground!!

The scope comes complete with lens caps, which are not original, but do the job.


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