Swedish M41/B Sniper Rifle

£ 3,750


Swedish Mauser M41B
Sniper Rifle
Serial No 330317

This is an original M41/B rifle and scope, which is a standard model 1896 rifle.  The sniper rifles were selected for superior performance.  The rifle is 49″ in overall length.  It has a 29″ round blued barrel with four lands and four grooves.  The twist rate is 1 in 7.1/2″.  It has the standard Mauser action with five round internal magazine.  The main difference in the action is that the bolt is blued and the bolt handle turned over, to avoid the scope.  The other obvious change is the attachment of the short side-rail base.  This is attached by three main screws, set by three smaller ones, then with two steel pins through the fixed base to eliminate any movement – even over time.  It also clearly has the adjustable recoil stop on the front of the rail.  This rifle is dated 1914. The original sling is included.

The scope is an Ajack 4 x 90 unit.  On the ranging turret are the following markings; ” Swedish crown (inspectors mark for the scope)  Nr 1944 (scopes serial number) 1942 B”   The “B” means retrofitted in 1955.  The ranging turret is set on top with a locking screw and is graduated from 100 to 800 meters.  Towards the rear is the dioptic adjustment ranging from -3 to +3.  The Object lens measures 40mm and the ocular lens 37mm.  The optics are just brilliant!  with a standard German retecule within.  Windage adjustment if required is by a screw at the rear of the mount which moves the scope from side to side.   Original leather scope covers included.

Overall condition of this rifle for its age is excellent.  The scope should have a protective can with the scope serial number, when not in use.  Unfortunately, the can is not with the rifle.

This is a great addition for the sniper rifle collector as these rifles are becoming increasingly rare.




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