Schmidt Rubin K11 Trainer

£ 825

Schmidt Rubin K11 Trainer

Serial No 226079
Calibre .22LR

Price: £825

K11 Schmidt-Rubin in .22LR trainer, including its original carrying strap and front sight protection

The rifle was adapted in Switzerland from the original calibre 7,5×55 to .22LR as a single shot trainer. The barrel is in excellent condition with sharp rifling and bright bore. The Swiss never had a standard military training rifle program and conversions of Schmidt Rubin’s were made by Swiss gunsmiths as required. They were not converted by any one company. Therefore, variations were normal in the rifles converted.

The bluing is still very well preserved. The rifle has only a few traces of use for its age.

A small brass plaque with the inscription “Kleinkalibersektion Huttwil” (Small Calibre Section – Huttwil) is embedded on the right side of the stock. Hutwil is a municipality in Switzerland.

This trainer is ideal for collectors and target shooters who can use it a low cost and enjoy this rarely seen rifle in the UK.



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