Ruger 10/22 Target – BRAND NEW

£ 545

Model: 10/22 Target

Calibre .22LR
Serial No:
Price: £545
Brand New

This is a brand new Ruger 10/22 Target with laminate stock.  The barrel has been reduced to 15.5ins from 20ins.  This will accommodate the SAK moderator, provided with the rifle, plus an invisible thread protector.

The shortened barrel plus the moderator takes the overall barrel length back to original.  The advantage is having a very accurate light weight short barrelled rifle for vermin control, for use shooting from a vehicle.  Alternatively, a very accurate target rifle.

The rifle comes in the box with a Ruger picatinny rail.

This rifle is a cancelled order and retails at £695.  A real steal for anyone needing a light weight accurate vermin or target rifle.

If required, I can provide a previously owned Bushnell Legend scope 5-15×40 for £50 in its original packaging.  The scope has only minor scope ring marks and would be a perfect match with this rifle.







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