Remington M1903A1 Sniper

£ 3,500


Remington M1901A1
Composed USMC Sniper Rifle
Serial No 1243022
Calibre 30-06
Price: £3,500

Composed USMC Sniper Rifle

Excellent Condition

This rifle is mint and anyone who has any interest in M1903 rifles will know the original USMC sniper rifles were used very effectively in both the Pacific and Europe during WW2.

This rifle was built in the spirit of the original USMC rifle using a very accurate mint rifle and Unertl scope.

The scope on this rifle is 10x. The original USMC scopes built by Unertl under a specific contract were 8x.  However, everything else with the scope is the same as the original USMC specification.

I have used this rifle out to 1,000 yards at Bisley with the correct hand loads it is a real tack driver.



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