Parker Hale M85

£ 5,000

Parker Hale M85
Sniper Rifle
Serial No 00232F
Schmidt & Bender ZF 10×42 with BDMP

The Parker Hale M85 is a British made sniper rifle, with an effective range of around 900 metres and a maximum range of approx 1,200 metres.

The rifle was created after the Falklands War by Parker Hale Ltd in response to shortcomings in the contemporary Lee Enfield L42A1.

The M85 took part in the British Army trials for a replacement sniper rifle, along with the Accuracy International PM, Heckler & Koch PSG1, SIG-Sauer SSG 2000, and Remington 700. The rifle lost by a slight margin to the Accuracy International (adopted by the British Army as the L96).

Parker Hale Records Show:
M85 Rifle Serial Number: 00232F was manufactured and finished on the 8th of April 1987 by Eddie Taff (Senior Armourer at Parker Hale)
No Scope fitted customer to source
Accuracy Test: Shooting 12.8mm at 100 yards with 10 rounds
Fitted with NATO Green stock
Sold to Bundeswehr, Germany Military Order

Unique Chance to Obtain a very Rare Sniper Rifle
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