Parker Hale M82

£ 4,000


Parker Hale M82
Sniper Rifle
Calibre 7.62mm
Price: £4,000

The Parker-Hale Model 82 (M82) is the military version of the Parker-Hale 1200TX target rifle; it was accepted for service by several nations for both military and police use. In appearance and design terms the Model 82 is an entirely conventional sniping weapon. It uses a manual bolt action the same as the classic Mauser 98 rifle, allied to a heavy free-floating barrel chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO round.  The Model 82 has an integral four-round magazine and an entirely self-contained trigger unit which can be adjusted as required.

The M82 was available in a number of forms to suit any customer requirements. Thus an adjustable cheek pad may have been provided if wanted, and the butt lengths can be altered by adding or taking away butt spacers of various thicknesses. The rifle was basically a standard target 7.62×51mm NATO heavy-barrelled Mauser 98 with a wide beaver tail target walnut stock (with inset hand stop rail) and a Parker Hale trigger with its side safety mechanism. The sights were subject to several variations, but the standard Model 82 was normally supplied with removable ‘iron’ match-type sight blocks. If an optical sight is fitted the rear-sight was removed, and the front sight slid off, but the front block/post remained. Two steel mounting blocks were fitted to the receiver for the purpose of the fitting telescopic sights. The QD Parker Hale rear target sight is designed to fit straight on to the steel telescopic sight base.

The scope on this example is a vintage Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10X56 sniper scope with brilliant optics, worth at least £1,000





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