Mauser Argentine Model 1891

£ 575

Mauser Argentine Model 1891
Serial No W6314
Calibre  7.65X53
Price: £575

Mauser Argentine Model 1891.  The rifle is in very good order throughout, considering it’s 120 years old.

Interestingly, the rifle has the Peruvian crest stamped on the receiver.   This was due to a portion of a large Argentinean order from Mauser in Berlin being re-stamped with a Peruvian Crest in 1901.  Prior to this Peru had been in dispute with Chile.  Peru had been humiliated in a war with with Chile between 1879-84 and needed their weaponry updated.   Argentina supported Peru and provided them with weaponary.

The rifle has a few dings and dents in the stock, but considering its age nothing you wouldn’t expect.

The metal work is in good order and has matching numbers on the barrel, receiver and magazine.  The bolt is not matched, which is not unusual as the bolts are interchangeable and little effort was made by the Peruvian military to ensure rifles were matched to their bolts.

The bore is in excellent condition and has been recently re-proofed.  The rifle shoots accurately, as these rifles are noted for their outstanding build quality.

This is quite a rare rifle in the UK with an interesting history.



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