Waffenstadt Suhl K98 .22LR Training Rifle

£ 995

Waffenstadt Suhl K98 Trainer
Calibre .22LR

Serial No 308
Price: £995

Excellent Condition.

After WW1, German weapon manufacturers were forbidden to produce military rifles (Versailles Treaty). In order to at least partially increase manufacturing capacity and circumvent this ban, the C96 designer Franz Mauser developed a small-calibre, single shot, bolt action rifle for military training and shooting clubs in 1923.

The rifles were produced by various well known manufacturers such as: Mauser, Suhl, Simson, Walther and Anschutz.

Initially, these rifles were in appearance small calibre target/hunting rifles.  As Germany was gearing up for war these rifles evolved into the same specification in weight and size as the K98 7.92mm rifle, which was the standard issue rifle for German forces in WW2.

This is an excellent example of a K98 .22 Trainer from Waffenstadt Suhl.  The rifle is in excellent condition and the barrel is mirror bright.

100% matching numbers; barrel, case, breech, K98 type sights and stock. Mirror finish barrel with sharp profile. Very smooth trigger pull which breaks without creeping. The rifle has Waffen acceptance marks, which indicates military issue.

This is a superbly preserved Suhl Sportsmodell rifle with much history and a must for any collector of military training rifles, which is very accurate.


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