Enfield L39A1 Target Rifle

£ 895

Enfield L39A1
Calibre 7.62×51
Serial No UE69 A219
Price: £895

Commission Sale

In Excellent Condition.

Manufactured in 1969 by the Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield

This is an excellent example of the L39A1 military target rifle.

This example has matching numbers on the bolt and receiver.

The rifle has an Alfred J Parker twin zero target sight with adjustable iris, matching numbers and correct matchmaker foresight

Wood work is in great condition, with a few knock and bruises, which has an accessory rail.

The rifle has a hammer forged barrel in excellent condition.

This rifle and has been well looked after and maintained.

The rifle comes with a smith-less scope rail and an additional pistol grip butt with a cheek piece.


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